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Mark with FacebookSorry, we are able, on Facebook at the moment. Try again later. You are here: Home pregnancy-pregnancy-lists of the work plan birth of laboratory Bagpublishdate13 CommentsFor packaging _ _ _, yet created your birth plan? _ Bathrobe (if hospital or birth center is not an or your) _ _ slippers socks tennis ball or roller massage oils (for the massage of back work) _ _ or tail holder horse or hair lotions gang _ lip, cream moisturizing _ _ _ camera and film/tape _ relaxation material: books, magazines, games, music, taking Velaspara coach _ watch with hand, during the contractions _ _ equipment changes after childbirth snack you home held _ _ _ _ _ _ garments still-BH nursing _ _ carpet absorbing the Nightgown of toilet _ address _ _ support is book for your child: _ baby seat auto-voir our article on the _ _ _ a car seat for the return trip (stretch one-piece outfits are the easiest) _ indoor reception (a heavy, if it's cold) _ layers (if with material that contains your PIN layer or a SOAP which using pins easier hospital) baby nail clippers _ a pair of socks or Shadrach boots _ _ infant CAP winter of results or add from 1 to 10 on 13 comments, comment or question Add. Sami on 11 pregnancy miracle pdf password August 23, 2013. 31 04 STI bought a push value & package! I push the Princess Pack that was beautiful and had a lot of things you need, something that I knew that I need (nipple cream Hi!) Response | Melissa 13 18 April 2013-report. 01 ETBefore 41, Pack your bag, communicate with the policies of the hospital who intends to provide. many services of maternity do introduction meetings and visits, you can prepare for the big day. some things in the list above (such as candles) couldn't in my hospital. other items were available at the hospital and all patients (in my case, diapers, socks and menstrual pads). wear any piece of clothing (or cushion covers), who do not want to throw away your work. Car might be the case in its positions of your partner Pack left. I ended up not using my Nightgowns hospital Johnny was more convenient and easier for breastfeeding. But I wanted my PJ bottom, so that the feeling, not too exposed. Many hospitals promote take what remained into layers in room alarm clock, pads, maternity, etc., because otherwise before sowing for the next patient must be eliminated. Staff at home something porter, put half of pregnancy (ideally very ample and comfortable.) You probably angry?) Response | Report on the 22 April 16, 2013 host. 37. 32 ETGreat list but just can not throw no study of detail, if you deliver in a hospital to allow candles. There's wonderful battery candles are fun for a gentle light. Response | Report comments on 15 February 16, 51. I packed all 2013. 33 ETThanks by the Council recognizing, because my husband, who threw all the experience I have I've packed all the response. Maxilous 21 August 2012 01 report. 55 15 feel 1 / 51 / EEC 2 weeks pregnant and I have, as I see reply ever. Report on 21 April, 6 may 2012. 52 ETIm 11 seven months it's my bag and my baby tote bag starts? Response | Mari report on 12 23. July 2011-22 I'm happy 24 my Laborluxe Kit is packed! It was the balm, disposable slippers, throw a ball massage, aromatherapy, a headband and hot/cold-, me really helped, comfortable and work. Spike ball is bright can like a massage before the ball and keep it with your hand gently sack blocks hand, which distracted from (say) a sort of you the pain of contraction. and my hair was insane during childbirth of fixation, which is wider and not elastic yo, during childbirth. I think that the name of the kit is (also known as), working comfort, my friends kits bought on Amazon. Response | Review by Laura L Kemp, March 21, 2011 17:11 have ETYour cushion (s). Hospitals are almost always shortly after. Use your best pillow. Response | Melissa Francis reports on 04 November 23 2010 06 03 cellphone really helps for the mother of 1 times. Response thank you very much. Rebecca 21 have reported on July 5, 2010. 40. 12 pack # ETHint, wet towels. Keep you in the hospital after the child must be much more beautiful, the soft toilet paper and cleaning or storage. Response | 1 2 next > add a comment as a guest comment. Please login or register, if you want to be notified by email on the responses on your comment. .